Timber & GRP

Timber Doors

We Offer Timber & GRP Garage DoorsTimber garage doors combine the warmth and beauty of real wood. They combine the traditional values of craftsmanship and natural materials and have a character of their own. Timber doors are also sturdy and durable too, making it a sensible choice as well as an aesthetic one.

The density of your chosen finish colour will vary dependent on the timbers in your door. Dark timbers increase the effective density of an applied colour – for lighter timbers the reverse is true. The samples of colours shown illustrate an average shade. All doors are made from timbers selected to blend well for depth of colour, however, by its very nature, uniformity for every door is not possible. Some doors will be made from predominantly darker timbers and some will be made from predominantly lighter timbers. Each will have a different density for the same colour finish.

GRP Doors

If you want a great-looking, low-maintenance door then a GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) door is the one for you. GRP doors are a sound investment for the future, such is their quality of manufacture and inherent strength. There is also a great range of design styles and finishes to suit any home, traditional or modern