Whether you want to wander into the garden with your children or open a book on the patio, with the Piazza All Weather Roofing System you’ll never have to worry about the weather.With our patio roof protection you can plan a family garden party, or a barbecue with friends, without fearing you’ll have to cancel at the last minute. Protect items of value from the elements all year round – from bikes to a Jacuzzi, a caravan to your car.

Both our polycarbonate and glass roofing offers UV protection and is fully waterproof, perfect for all weathers.

Piazza - Complete Weather Proofing SystemThe Piazza roof spans a maximum width of 7000mm making it versatile, not just as a patio cover but protecting any large spaces such as a play area or as a covered walkway. The Piazza roof is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Make the most of outdoor living with a permanent and stylish garden or patio cover. The protective, attractive and simple carport solution – ideal for the conscientious car-owner.

Make use of your Jacuzzi whatever the weather! Providing shelter from the rain and protection from the sun, our Piazza patio cover enables you to utilise your Jacuzzi all year round!

Piazza Patio Roof

The permanent stylish, and wonderfully practical solution. Made from extruded aluminium and durable polycarbonate the Piazza Patio Roof is an ideal solution offering permanent protection from the elements. With such a wide choice,
you are sure to find a look perfect to suit your outside space. Adding lighting to the Piazza Patio Roof ensures that you make the most of your space.

The Piazza Carport

The Piazza Carport is a perfect solution for the conscientious car-owner. Made from extruded aluminium and durable polycarbonate and available in a wide range of colours the carport is an attractive addition to your home. Available in a range of sizes and colours with a maximum width of 7000mm and maximum panel length of 3500mm this product is suitable for any style of home.The Piazza Carport is available with lights as an optional extra. It is easy to install taking only 2 days in most applications.